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Young Leaders

Our Young Leaders


Young Leaders enables children to develop their own leadership skills as well as enhancing others sporting experience in school. They will become a vital part of the play ground by inspiring others to become more active socially, physically and mentally. The Young Leaders development will be mostly through a student-centered approach where the teacher becomes the facilitator of learning rather than the leader of the activities.


Supports young people to become:

Successful learners

Confident individuals

Responsible citizens

Happy and healthy individuals


Enabling them to:

Show a desire to improve and achieve set outcomes

Set attainable, but desirable goals

Identify and recognise how they contribute to pupils overall well-being and learning

Be able to lead a series of activities for ages 6-11

Maximise participation levels in and out of school


Throughout this scheme, pupils will be given tasks to complete following our five values: Passion, Respect, Self-Belief, Team Work and Honesty. Pupils who work hard, and complete these tasks will be rewarded with things such as a Young Leaders hoody, water bottles and possibly trips out of school.