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Year 2

Dear Parents and Carers,


Happy New Year! We hope that you have enjoyed the Christmas holiday and had the opportunity to spend some time together with your families.


Please find below, a summary of the learning Year 2 will be covering this term. Our topics for this term are Castles, Knights and Dragons which we will work on before half term and ‘Marvellous Malvern’ which we will look at after half term.


If your child does anything at home that supports their topic, please send it in as it’s always lovely to celebrate children’s enthusiasm for learning!


Spring Term



Reading and writing numbers up to 100 in numerals and words.

Place value of digits in a two digit number.

Time – telling the time to quarter of an hour in analogue and digital form.

Adding and subtracting single digit and two digit numbers.

Addition and subtraction facts to 20. Including using concrete objects, pictorial representations and calculating mentally.

Recall and use multiplication facts using times tables (2, 5 and 10).

Identify and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


In English we will be working on presentation and handwriting. Using adjectives consistently throughout our work and learning our weekly spellings in order to apply them correctly in our writing. We will be sharing a variety of texts in English lessons and reading 1:1 with an adult at school. Identify nouns, verbs and adverbs in a sentence.

We will be writing instructions, descriptions, stories and letters.


Materials and their uses.

Investigate how materials can be changed.



Battle of Great Britain.

Investigate features of castles.                                                        

Famous knights.



Maps and mapping – identify locations on a map.

DT and Art

Design and make a shield/ coat of arms.

Design castles


Jigsaw scheme: Celebrating Difference


Christianity – Miracles

Judaism – Passover

Sikhism – Beliefs and moral values

Christianity – Beliefs and meaning



1st half term: Dance.

2nd half term:  Gymnastics



 Class Additional Information


The children can enter school from 8:50am. Doors will be closed at 9:00am.

PE kit

Please make sure that your child has their full P.E kit in school every day, this includes green shorts, a white T-shirt and pumps or trainers. P.E is on a Thursday afternoon.




Reading is the greatest learning gift we can give to our children, your child’s ability to read and understand a range of texts will make a significant impact on all areas of their learning across the curriculum. Please take the time to read daily with your child. Your child’s reading record will be checked every day, they will be able to change their book each day if they have completed it, although as they progress through the reading scheme it is normal for a book to take two or three nights to complete. We expect the children to read each school night aim for around 10 minutes each time. The children will have the opportunity to change their school reading books when they come in to school in the morning.



All children will receive spellings on a Friday, with the test the following Thursday.


Special Events

 Visit to Warwick Castle- Thursday February 7th

Tuesday 12h February– Parent Consultation meetings 4pm to 6pm

Wednesday 13th February - Parent Consultation meetings 5pm to 7pm


W/C 11th February - Battle of Malvern Role Play with costumes

W/C 11th February – Medieval Feast

World Book Day Celebrations- Week beginning 4th March

29th March – Inset Day


If you are able to find the time to come into read with our Year 2 children we would really appreciate your support. Please contact Mrs Green if you are interested.


Yours sincerely,


Sarah Green, Delma Black and Georgi Bouston - Class teachers






This is going to be a busy but exciting term and listed below are some of the things you can do to help your child in year 2.


  • Making sure they come to school every day and on time so they don't miss the start of the first lesson.
  • Making sure they eat well, drink plenty of water and get to bed at a reasonable time. 
  • Please keep helping your child with reading at home for ten minutes every day.
  • Help them to learn their weekly spellings and use their best joined up writing.
  • Use the internet games that are linked to this website.  They are great fun and support learning at an appropriate level.
  • Come and see us if you have any worries or concerns or want to know any other ways to help and support their learning.
  • Keep your eye on this website as we will be updating it regularly with photographs and information which you may find useful.

    From the Year 2 staff

​Mrs Dudman, Miss Henderson, Mrs Down, Mrs Brimmell and Mrs Barnes.