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Children will have the knowledge and understanding to go into the next stage of life appreciating the important role of computing both in our leisure and our working lives.





Children will develop a love and passion for computing that will last a lifetime. 






Children will ask questions to understand the importance of computing, seek to use computing in their leisure time and find ways to use computing in their everyday lives.



Due to computing being an essential part of most jobs, including those not yet invented, we have tailored an information technology curriculum that offers high quality computing teaching plus opportunities to use a range of hardware and software in all curriculum areas to prepare our children for the future.




  • All children will have access to at least one hour of focused computing per week.
  • Opportunities are provided for children to use a range of software and hardware in other curriculum areas.
  • All children are encouraged to use laptop computers to research information in other subjects where appropriate.
  • All children are encouraged to use computing in their homework, they will also have access to Education City, Microsoft Teams (with external secure links) and TT Rockstars.
  • The curriculum overview is progressive and varied allowing for strong STEM links, and when used in conjunction with RSE and PSHE, it also covers the governments Education for a connected world framework.
  • Staff will be supported to develop their subject knowledge and pedagogy and feel confident in lesson delivery.



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