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Respect: Children will have the knowledge and understanding to go into their next stage of life appreciating events of the past and the importance of them on their future.Ready: Children will develop a love and passion for History that will last a lifetime.Safe: Develop historical skills and concepts which are transferable to whatever period of history is being studied and will equip the children for future learning.


  • All children will have access to the teaching of History per year, which is taught in topic blocks to encourage depth.
  •  The coverage of history in key stage one will allow children to explore; events beyond living memory, changes within living memory and local history studies. KS2 will have a structured long-term overview which allows all children to cover a variety of historic topics. Each year group will have three topics to cover the academic year (both History and Geography).
  • Children will develop a sense of time and how civilisations were interconnected and understand how some historical events occurred concurrently in different locations, e.g. Ancient Egypt and Stone Age.
  • Children will be encouraged to explore the subject in depth using their judgement and reasoning skills.
  • Children develop an awareness of the past, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage follows the ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ guidance which aims for all children in reception to have an ‘Understanding of the World: People, Communities, the World and Technology’ by the end of the academic year.
  • The overarching principle of our curriculum is to build upon key historical periods and concepts that are reviewed, added to and developed each year, increasing memory recall and retrieval skills. This allows our students to advance their critical and rational thinking skills in addition to developing a curiosity and excitement for History.

Intent, Implementation & Impact