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Children will be introduced to the people, skills, ability, opportunities and space needed for art & design to flourish at the school and beyond.





Children will uncover a love of the arts that enables them to communicate and understand the world in deeper ways that speak about our humanity.





Children will develop the skills and innate artistic ability that is hidden within them. Creativity is a skill that is developed through exceptional teaching, practice and use, thinking carefully about the design process




‘Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’    Pablo Picasso

In order to break down barriers and widen the horizons for our community, we have tailored an art and design curriculum that uncovers the hidden creativity within our young people and beyond.


At Great Malvern Primary we have chosen to use the Kapow Primary scheme for years 1 to 6 to support our Art curriculum and provide our children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to succeed in art. Early Years will follow EYFS statutory framework and use Development Matters to support the Expressive Arts and Design to develop children’s artistic and cultural awareness and support their imagination and creativity. The teaching of Art is progressive throughout Great Malvern Primary and builds on children’s previously taught knowledge and skills in different forms.


Children at our school will explore art in a safe space in order to develop their ability to imagine, play, create and communicate their art and design skills. Staff have the opportunity to develop their pedagogy by observing specialised art teaching demonstrated through Kapow.

At Great Malvern we believe that all children are seen as artists; we do not expect a one size fits all approach to outcomes. The children are encouraged to develop a state of mind and a matter of approach, rather than a mastery of materials.


Children are to understand that the perseverance and attentiveness needed to complete an Art and Design project leads to personal pride and gratification. In order to achieve this we are to enable children to become creative and reflective learners who are able to express themselves fluently and confidently in a variety of different ways.

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Art - Progression skills