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Don't forget to use our website and Twitter to keep up to date or contact Mrs J Cory, Office Manager or Miss Watts, School Administrator in the first instance if you have any questions or queries. Contact details given at the bottom of the page. ‘Home Learning’ tasks have been added to the Class webpages.

Who's Who

Meet the friendly and hard-working staff at our school!

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Mr Chris Hansen- Executive Headteacher
Mrs Nikki Selby- Head of School & DSL
Mrs Sarah Green- Assistant Headteacher (currently on secondment)
Mr Stu Kent -Assistant Headteacher & EYFS Leader
Mrs Claire Smout -  Assistant Headteacher & Yr 3
Mrs Sarah Gashi- SENDCO
Mrs Vikki White - School & Finance Manager
Mrs Joanne Cory- Office Manager
Miss Grace Watts- School Administrator
Mrs Kelly Collins - Reception Teacher
Mrs Karen Hooley - Reception Teacher
Mrs Rachel Dudman - Reception teacher
Mrs Delma Black - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Hayley Gosling- Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Carrie Everett- Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Sarah Carter- Year 1 Teacher
Miss Georgi Bouston- Year 2 Teacher
Miss Rachel Martin- Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Kelly Davies- Year 3 Teacher
Mr Jack Giles- Year 3 Teacher
Miss Laura Passey- Year 4 Teacher
Miss Holly Potter - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Roland Hulls- Yr 5 Teacher & Yr 5/6 Team Leader
Miss Claire Bennett - Year  5 Teacher/ EVC
Mrs Holly Perry- Year 5 Teacher
Miss Nic Christopher - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Cathy Spence - Year 6 Teacher
Miss Julie Hawkes - Teaching Assistant SEN
Mrs Helen Jenkins -  Teaching Assistant SALT
Mrs Noleen Chapman - HLTA / Teaching Assistant
Miss Amy Pearce- HLTA
Miss Katie Lester - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Fay Davies - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Kerry Williams - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wendy Newton - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vicky Barnes - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Debbie Jones - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Blannin- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dawn Philpotts - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emily Dean - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Lynda Wilkinson - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Anna Brewer -Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Sharon Glover - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Sandra Wallace - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Mrs Diane Waldron- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jill Kay - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Abba - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Paula Hunt - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emily Gardner - Teaching Assistant & LTS
Zee- Pets As Therapy