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School Improvement Plan

We are constantly looking at what we can do to continually improve what we are doing at Great Malvern Primary School.  The following priorities for improvement have been identified for the academic year 2023-2024.


Priority 1 - Quality of Education 

a) To continue to develop and embed a clear curriculum model, based on the knowledge and skills that pupils need in order to take advantages of opportunities in later life. A curriculum which meets the needs of the children at Great Malvern.


b)To provide high quality provision for all children including disadvantaged and SEND to enable them to make better than expected progress.


c) To raise pupil outcomes at EY, KS1 and KS2, with a focus on spelling and reading, closing the gap on national averages.


Priority 2 - Behaviour and Attitudes

To ensure that practice in all classrooms reflects the school’s approach to Thrive based learning. Using a Trauma Informed School approach to developing secure and resilient pupils.


Priority 3 - Personal Development

To introduce an approach to relationships education which reflects the requirements of the school community and British society.


Priority 4 - Leadership and Management

Leadership and management impact directly on the quality of education provided at GMPS, by further developing the roles of senior and middle leaders within the school.



Priority 5 - Effectiveness of Early Years

To enhance the development of our EY curriculum and assessment, in line with latest EY framework