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Working together for success






Children will have the knowledge and understanding to go into their next stage of life appreciating the important role being physically active plays in leading a healthy lifestyle.




Children will develop a love and passion for PE and sport that will last a lifetime.







Children will ask questions to understand the importance of physical activity; seek to discover sports of their choice; cooperate & collaborate with others as part of an effective team and find ways to improve their own and others’ performance.



  • All children will have access to at least two hours of physical activity per week, 1 hour of high quality P.E skills lessons and daily workout sessions.
  • PE experienced in a safe and supportive environment which inspires all children to achieve their personal best and attain optimum physical and emotional development and good health. 
  • There will be a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs to cover all year groups and increase participation rates.
  • Opportunities for competition, at an intra and inter school level, will be offered in numerous sports, and ensure all pupils experience this across the year.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in structured and active lunchtime play.
  • Improved physical fitness and wellbeing will be a focus for the school going forward, and this will be sewn into the PE curriculum and monitored.
  • The children will attend swimming each year during Key Stage 2 with the aim of closing the gap with national outcomes (booster lessons in Y6 will occur as necessary).
  • The curriculum overview is progressive and varied.
  • Staff will be supported to develop their pedagogy and feel confident in lesson delivery.