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If you would like a place at our school we would be delighted to show you around in the first instance- please contact the school office who will be able to organise a tour.


Full details of the admissions process and criteria are outlined in our Admissions Policy which can be found below.





Admissions at Great Malvern Primary School and all other Mercian Educational Trust schools, will remain in line with the agreed arrangements for Worcestershire’s maintained non-denominational secondary and primary schools.


The Admissions Policies below should be read in conjunction with the general terms contained in the Worcestershire Admission to Primary and Secondary School Booklets.

School Admissions | Worcestershire County Council


Mercian Educational Trust adheres to the statutory requirements and the principles expressed in the School Admissions Code (DfE Dec 2014). This includes reference to the Worcestershire Fair Access Protocol.


The Trustees and Governors are supported by the Worcestershire Local Authority (LA) in processing applications for places and informing families. MET is the admission authority. Schools are responsible for allocation of places using the criteria set out in the policy below.


How to apply for a school place in the normal round of September admissions;

ALL children born between September 1st 2017 and August 31st 2018 need to apply for a place before they can start school in September 2021 as places are not automatically allocated.


Applications can be made online when applications open from 1st September 2021 up until the closing date 15th January 2022 by visiting:


If you do not have access to the internet, application forms are available from the school office, The Worcestershire Hub or by request by calling 01905 822700.


The parents of pupils resident outside Worcestershire, but who wish to apply for a place at any Worcestershire school, must complete an application form provided by the “home” LA.  (The “home” LA is defined as the Local Authority relevant to the Child’s home address.)  The “home” LA will ensure that the application details are passed onto Worcestershire LA for consideration in the allocation of school places.


When are decisions made?

School Offer Notification date is the 16th April 2022


In-Year Admissions

Should you wish to transfer your child to our school during the school year you will need to contact either the School on 01684 574219, Worcestershire School Admissions Team on 01905 844111 or visit their website


Waiting List

Where there are no spaces we hold a waiting list which you are welcome to join. 

If you wish your child to be on the waiting list for the next term you will need to confirm this in writing at the beginning of each term. Application letters will be destroyed at the end of the preceding term so the waiting list is accurate and active.