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Year 4


Welcome to Year 4


There are two classes in Year 4: 4SK (Mr Kent's class) and 4RH (Mr Hulls's class) On this page, you will find some information about the learning taking place in Year 4, but also please do check out our Twitter feeds @G_M_P_SYear4 for the most up to date news and to see highlights from our days with your children.


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Summer Term 2024


Dear Parents, 


Welcome back; for what we hope will be an exciting, interesting and skill-enhancing term.


We thought it would be helpful to give you an idea of what your child will be learning in school, plus a few reminders of what you can do at home to help your child succeed. Please find below a summary of the learning Year 4 will be covering this term. 


We will be challenging ourselves this term with learning focused on the Rainforests. We will be looking at the physical characteristics of the rainforests including the people who live there are the enormously diverse animal population that inhabit our planets tropical areas. This topic will span the curriculum and will include elements of geography, history, PSHE and DT. If your child does anything at home that supports their learning around this topic, please do make sure they bring it in as it’s always lovely to celebrate children’s enthusiasm for learning! 


For regular updates about what happens in our classes, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter which is where we post the most regular updates. Please follow @G_M_P_SYear4


This term we will be learning…..



decimals, money, shape and statistics will all be covered this term.



We will be looking in some detail at writing to persuade. We will be using texts such as 'There's a Rang-Tan in my bedroom' by James Sellick as well as finding out about the life and work of David Attenborough.



The rainforests. Our key enquiry question for this unit of work will be: Why are the rainforests important, and are they under threat?



Animals including humans is the starting point for our topic work. After which we will be looking at sound.



In computing, we focus on the importance of online safety and keeping personal details private and secure. We will be developing our skills using Microsoft Teams and ensuring that we can access, alter and upload documents for others to see.



We will be developing our pronunciation of French vocabulary by focusing initially on phonics. We will then develop our ability to describe ourselves and present our needs to others.



Festivals in Christianity and Hinduism will be the focus for this term.


Indoor PE will focus on ‘fitness.’ 

Outdoor PW will focus on tennis.



Our key focus foe the next few weeks will be 'Health and Wellbeing.'



PE days this half term

Monday for outdoor PE

Wednesday for indoor PE


We are looking forward to an exciting half term, we have lots planned to engage your child in their learning. You can help your child reach their potential by making sure they are on time and in school every day and that they organise themselves and come to school feeling positive and ready to learn. 


We thank you for your support with your child’s learning. 


Yours sincerely, 


Mr Kent and Mr Hulls. 




- All of the children have received a username and password for this website and a brief letter of how to access the online games and activities that are on there. 

- Teachers have not yet set which activities they want your child to access, so for now we would like them just to explore the games that they wish to try. To do this click on the 'subjects' heading on the side menu. 

- Then choose English, maths or science and try games either at the age they are working at or below to build some confidence to begin with.

- Once your child's teacher has set any classwork for them to do on here they will let you know via Twitter and their year group page. This will be by the Easter holidays to enable your child to have time to work through their home learning packs first.


- If you have problems connecting please contact via email to the office which will be forwarded to me so I can sort any issues. 


Thanks, Mrs Perry.

Times Table Rock Stars

All children have log in details for Times Tables Rock Stars. We would like them to play on the site as often as possible. They don't have to play for long, little and often sometimes works best. We will be choosing a Rock Star of the week in each class for children who have made the most effort/progress across the week, and will sometimes have "battles" where classes play each other.


Times Tables Rock Stars (