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Don't forget to use our website and Twitter to keep up to date or contact Mrs J Cory, Office Manager or Miss Watts, School Administrator in the first instance if you have any questions or queries. Contact details given at the bottom of the page. ‘Home Learning’ tasks have been added to the Class webpages.

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



There are two classes in Year 4, 4HP (Miss Potter's class) and 4CS (Mrs Spence's class) On this page, you will find some information but also please do check out our Twitter feeds @G_M_P_SClass4CS and @G_M_P_SClass4HP for the most update news and to see highlights from our days with your children.


We are now setting lots of interesting work on Teams and using this platform in class. You should have had an email in July helping you to log your child in. Please could you now set up their accounts with them. If there are any problems please contact Mrs Perry who can help.

Our autumn term class letter to parents

See the websites below to help with your work on Rainforests.
Films introducing the Year 4 teachers

5LP Welcome

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Hello 4LP, just a quick message to say hello and show you our new classroom- I can't wait to see you in September :)

Welcome to 5NC

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A quick hello from me ( Miss Christopher) getting ready for September

New Home Learning Pack Weeks Beginning 15.6.20 and 22.6.20


We know that this would have been the week that we were in York and it is such a shame that Coronavirus meant our plans had to be cancelled, but we are going to upload a challenge every day to Twitter which will include some activities similar to what we would have done in York. We hope you enjoy them and keep tweeting us your learning. We miss you all.


Miss Potter and Miss Passey



Home Learning Weeks 4.5.20 and 11.5.20


We can't quite believe it is that time again, but below you will find the next set of learning for the children to do. You will also find that we have included a task for VE day which will be celebrated on Friday 8th May, we'd really love it if the children could do this task on VE day. Again, if you need any help or support please don't hesitate to contact us and remember to keep tweeting, we love to see what you get up to!

Year 4 Home Learning Week 5 and 6

Year 4

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Welcome back to Year 4 Home Learning!


We hope you have had a nice break over Easter and have enjoyed the glorious weather and spending time together. We really miss you and the classroom but are glad you are staying safe at home and we can't wait to see you when this is over.


Please see below for your new home learning packs.

Home Learning Tasks - 2 Weeks - 20th - 24th April and 27th - 1st May

Home Learning Task - 2 weeks - 23rd - 27th March and 30th March - 3rd April




- All of the children have received a username and password for this website and a brief letter of how to access the online games and activities that are on there. 

- Teachers have not yet set which activities they want your child to access, so for now we would like them just to explore the games that they wish to try. To do this click on the 'subjects' heading on the side menu. 

- Then choose English, maths or science and try games either at the age they are working at or below to build some confidence to begin with.

- Once your child's teacher has set any classwork for them to do on here they will let you know via Twitter and their year group page. This will be by the Easter holidays to enable your child to have time to work through their home learning packs first.


- If you have problems connecting please contact via email to the office which will be forwarded to me so I can sort any issues. 


Thanks, Mrs Perry.

Year 4 Home Learning Plan


We have attached the Year 4 Home learning plan below, should you need it for any further reference. We also add that we will be updating Twitter more regularly with any ideas that we also see in order to keep the learning fresh and fun. We want this to be as stress free as possible, as your children and you, will not be able to achieve their optimum learning if you are both stressed: work your schedule so that it fits you and your family.


Year 4 Home learning Plan

Teachers: Miss Potter & Miss Passey 


  • Read quietly, or to an adult for at least half an hour each day.  This may be split into 15 minute chunks
  • Write a description of your favourite character from a book you have read. Use similes and metaphors to make the description more interesting.
  • Draw a picture of your favourite character from a book
  • Summarise the chapter you have just read.
  • Describe your favourite character and explain why they are your favourite.
  • Write 3 questions based on what you’ve read
  • Is there a character that’s unlikeable, why do you think this is?
  • Re-design the front cover to what you think it should look like.


  • Times Table Rockstars 20 minutes daily if no access to TTRS then times table should be learnt by writing them down and recalling with as much speed as possible


  • Watch a television programme of your choice.

Write a summary of what happened in the programme. Think carefully about the presentation of your work, the punctuation you use and make sure your writing is organised

  • Use the picture below as a stimulus:


Create a setting description, remember to use expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors.


Answer these questions based on this picture.

Who do you think is in the hot air balloon in the distance?

Where do you think they are going on their journey?

If you could only take 10 items with you on the journey, what would they be?

What would happen if a hot air balloon just kept going up and up?


  • Create a story including one of your favourite book characters. Try to include dialogue in your story too.
  • We have also sent home your CGP SPaG books, we would like you to complete a page a day
  • Practise your handwriting using our cursive style by practising letter formation first and then pick words from your book to continue this practise.


  • Living things and their habitats: Use this guide to revise classification -
    Can you explain how animals can be classified?
  • Can you find out the characteristics of a reptile and an amphibian? What is different about them?
  • Pre-learning – Use this bitesize link to learn about conductors and insulators:
    What does conductor mean? What does insulator mean? Can you think of any example? Find/Create an interesting way to present this information in your book.


  • Research Judaism and create an information page which is aimed at Year 4 children to help them with their topic.

  • Christianity: Research the meaning and bible story behind the Easter celebrations. Summarise the information you find in one paragraph.
  • Our value for next half term is “Thanks”, create a poster or write a paragraph explaining what it means to you. What does giving thanks look like to you?



  • Create an informative leaflet to summarise all your learning around our rainforest topic – this can be done on paper or across a few pages in your book.
  • Create a glossary of key vocabulary relating to the rainforest.
  • Create a piece of rainforest art at home using a range of materials.
  • Research the Vikings for our learning next term – create a mind map of all the information you find out.
  • Using your research, draw what a Viking looks like. Is it what you expected?

Happy New Year


Welcome back to the Spring Term! We are all set for a busy term, we have attached our class letter below, where you will notice a few changes. Our topic this term is Rainforests, should your child complete any work at home then please encourage them to bring it in, we'd love to see it!


As always, should you have anything you wish to know please feel free to pop in and catch one of us.


Miss Potter & Miss Passey


Great Malvern Primary School


Dear Parents,



Happy New Year and a big welcome back to Great Malvern for the spring term. We hope you and your child/children had a lovely Christmas. Please find below, a summary of the learning that Year 4 will be covering this term.


Our topic for this term is ‘Rainforests’ we are very excited for the children to learn about such a vast and rich landscape. The primary focus of our learning is going to be based around Geography, but it will include a variety of curriculum areas such as Design Technology, Art and Science. If your child does anything at home that supports our topic, please send it in as it’s always lovely to see their enthusiasm for their learning!


As always, for regular updates about what happens on our classes, don’t forget to follow us on twitter at our respective class pages @G_M_P_SClass4HP and @G_M_P_Sclass4LP for further updates - the links can be found at the top of the page. 




Number – Multiplication and Division,
Measurement – Area,




This term we will be using various texts and short videos to facilitate our learning where we will be covering a range of genres including: Diaries, letters, balanced arguments, explanation texts, recounts, narratives and non-chronological reports. We will mainly be using rainforests and all that encompasses as a stimulus this term.


This term we are going to be covering the topics:

Sound, where we are going to identify how sounds are made, how they travel and finding patterns between pitch and volume.

Living things and their habitats, where we will look at the variety of ways that we can group animals, we will use classification keys to help us and recognise that our environments can change and the danger this poses to living things.



Using the internet for research,
Using software to create presentations,



Numbers to 31,

Months of the year,
Parts of the body,


The theme is Creativity.

We are also looking at hopes and dreams, resilience, friendships and smoking, alcohol and peer pressure.


This year we are studying both Christianity and Judaism.
This term we are learning to understand how celebrating Passover and keeping Kashrut (food laws) helps Jews show God they value their special relationship with Him.
We are also learning to understand how Jesus’ life, death and resurrection teaches Christians about forgiveness.


Now that we have completed swimming, we will be partaking in Tag Rugby, Hockey, Dance and Gymnastics



   Additional Information

P.E. kit

P.E. kit is needed for Monday for outdoor PE and Tuesday for indoor PE this term.




Children should take their reading books home daily. Please write in your child’s Reading Journal when they have read, we expect your child to read 3 times a week and it should be initialled or signed once they have done so.


As we have recently updated how we teach spellings, children will get words once a week (usually Friday) they will have must, should and could words. All must words have to be learnt and then they can challenge themselves with should and could words. They will be tested on the following Friday.


Maths Homework will be arithmetic based in the ‘I Can do’ Maths books and this will be given out once a fortnight on a Friday to be handed in by/on the following Thursday.


English homework will be set once a fortnight on a Friday, to be handed in by/on the following Thursday, it will be a short task based on the grammar learning they have recently completed.

Times Tables

Your child has access to Times Table Rock Stars in school and they are able to access it at home also. By this stage in year 4, we have taught the children all the missing times table facts they need to know and they should be consolidating their knowledge each night.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Potter, Miss Passey and the Year 4 team.








Welcome to Year 4!


We hope you had a restful summer and enjoyed the sunshine we were lucky enough to have, we hope you are now ready to get stuck in to our learning.


Our first topic this year is 'China and The Shang Dynasty'. Keep up to date via our twitter page which will have regular updates and plenty of photos of our learning as it happens!


Please find attached the termly letter about how life works in Year 4 and the link to our popular twitter page is also below.


If you have any questions, feel free to pop in.


Miss Passey and Miss Potter