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Don't forget to use our website and Twitter to keep up to date or contact Mrs J Cory, Office Manager or Miss Watts, School Administrator in the first instance if you have any questions or queries. Contact details given at the bottom of the page. ‘Home Learning’ tasks have been added to the Class webpages.

Year 6

Year 6 #Keepsmiling

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New home learning plan now online see below


We are missing you all during this period of school closure. We are here if you need us please email the school office with any queries.

Please check out our Twitter feeds to find extra challenges and ideas to keep you busy, learning and having fun. we love seeing your updates.


We have added a new home learning plan below - packed full of interesting things for you to busy yourselves with. There are lots and lots of great learning opportunities on Twitter too keep an eye on those.


We are looking at ways to make sure we are communicating with you and your families, any ideas on how we can make things easier for you - just let us know. 


In the meantime, we are sending you much love and rest assured we are thinking of you a lot!


Mrs Spence and Miss Christopher

Maths: Puzzles and Problems to try

Maths: Puzzles and Problems to try 1
Maths: Puzzles and Problems to try 2
Maths: Puzzles and Problems to try 3

Home learning plan 2 20th April - 1st May

Home Learning plan 1 - 23rd March - 3rd April

Home learning weblinks


For all subjects

BBC Bitesize are starting daily online lessons from Monday 20th April



Links to White Rose maths ideas and lessons 

A range of different reasoning and problems solving lessons live streamed daily on YouTube 


Jane Considine Sentence Stackers


Pobble 365




- All of the children have received a username and password for this website and a brief letter of how to access the online games and activities that are on there. 

- Teachers have not yet set which activities they want your child to access, so for now we would like them just to explore the games that they wish to try. To do this click on the 'subjects' heading on the side menu. 

- Then choose English, maths or science and try games either at the age they are working at or below to build some confidence to begin with.

- Once your child's teacher has set any classwork for them to do on here they will let you know via Twitter and their year group page. This will be by the Easter holidays to enable your child to have time to work through their home learning packs first.


- If you have problems connecting please contact via email to the office which will be forwarded to me so I can sort any issues. 


Thanks, Mrs Perry.