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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6! On this page you will learn some key information about how life will be in Year 6 and also there are links above to our class Twitter pages where you can find regular updates on our learning adventures. Below you will find our yearly topic overview and the current terms information letter. Enjoy!



Great Malvern Primary School



Dear Parents, 


Welcome to Year 6! We hope you have had a great summer holiday and have found the return to school positive. 

 Please find below, a summary of the learning that Year 6 will be covering this term. 


Our topic for this term is ‘Conflict’. The primary focus of our learning is going to be based around history, but it will include a variety of curriculum areas such as geography, Design Technology, Art and Science. If your child does anything at home that supports our topic, please share it with us or send it in as it’s always lovely to see their enthusiasm for their learning! 


For regular updates about what happens on our classes, don’t forget to follow us on twitter at our respective class pages @G_M_P_SClass6PB and @GMPS_Class6BB for further updates. Also check your class teams page for updates and key messages from the class teacher.  


This term we will be learning...


Place value (focus on numbers to 10 million), addition and subtraction (mental and written methods) multiplication and division, fractions and measurement. 


This term we will be using various texts and short videos to facilitate our learning where we will be covering a range of genres including: WW2 fiction and non-fiction, newspaper reports, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. 


This term we are going to be covering the topics: Evolution and inheritance. 

Topic – Geography focus 

Conflict: WW2 – main dates, events and causes 

The Holocaust – including life for Jewish people at the time, Anne Frank and the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (through guided reading). 

WW1 – including causes of war, Remembrance Day and life in the trenches. 

Apartheid – including the book ‘Journey to Jo’berg’ through our English work. 

Art and D&T 

In Art we will be creating pen and pencil drawings of WW2 images and also investigating Anne Frank through art. 


Computer systems and networks – Looking at Bletchley Park 

Python coding. 


In French we will be practising the vocabulary for: ‘a weekend with friends’ and ‘a school trip’. 


In RE we will be learning about Christianity and Christian values. 


In PSHE we will focusing on our school values of ‘generosity’ and ‘support’. We will also be celebrating our own special features in ’being me’ and celebrating our differences. 

P.E . 

Swimming lessons will take place on Thursday afternoons during the first half of the Autumn term (5 weeks) alongside Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) in outdoor PE. During the second half of the term we will be doing fitness inside and hockey outdoors. 

Outdoor learning 

We are also planning on visiting forest school throughout the term to enhance our topics in science and our conflict work. 



Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs Perry, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Black and all of the Year 6 team.


Keep up to date with our learning on our class Twitter pages. For current news and updates also see our new Facebook page.



Home learning weblinks


For all subjects

BBC Bitesize are starting daily online lessons from Monday 20th April



Links to White Rose maths ideas and lessons 

A range of different reasoning and problems solving lessons live streamed daily on YouTube 


Jane Considine Sentence Stackers


Pobble 365




- All of the children have received a username and password for this website and a brief letter of how to access the online games and activities that are on there. 

- Teachers have not yet set which activities they want your child to access, so for now we would like them just to explore the games that they wish to try. To do this click on the 'subjects' heading on the side menu. 

- Then choose English, maths or science and try games either at the age they are working at or below to build some confidence to begin with.

- Once your child's teacher has set any classwork for them to do on here they will let you know via Twitter and their year group page. This will be by the Easter holidays to enable your child to have time to work through their home learning packs first.


- If you have problems connecting please contact via email to the office which will be forwarded to me so I can sort any issues. 


Thanks, Mrs Perry.