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Working together for success






Children will have the knowledge and understanding to go into the next stage of life appreciating that we must value one another.






Children will develop a greater understanding and consideration of different faiths.









Children will ask questions and understand the importance of different faiths, as well as respecting other beliefs, values and opinions. This will support them living amongst people of different faiths.





Due to living in an area which is not as culturally diverse as other parts of the UK, we will strive incorporate Multi faith days, events and school trips based upon other faiths. This will offer a broad and rich curriculum, to allow for coverage of a variety of ways to explore religions, their community and personal development and wellbeing.

  • All children will have access to Religious Education through taught lessons across all year groups.
  • The lessons have an intention of providing a high quality, coherent and progressive experience of the subject, with scope for cross-curricular learning.
  • The curriculum is progressive and varied – applying learning of different religions in depth as children progress through year groups. This will be delivered as a  one week Multifaith block, across the school to help the children to get an in-depth opportunity when studying another faith.
  • They will be able to identify, investigate and respond to a variety of issues and link to PSHE lessons.
  • SMSC, personal growth and community cohesion are featured throughout each non-statutory strand and are there to ensure opportunities for children to develop positive attitudes and values and to reflect on and relate their learning in RE to their own experiences. .
  • Staff support will be available.
  • Technology plays such a significant role in society today and we believe our children must learn a range of computational skills to participate safely and successfully in our ever-changing digital world; prepare to be discerning and even critical about how they, their friends, their family and wider society interacts and uses technology.