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Year 2

Spring Term 2018


Our topic for this term is ‘Art Attack’. We will be basing our work on storytelling, illustrations and well known art works. Through this we will cover all areas of the curriculum. If your child does anything at home that supports our topic, please send it in as it’s always lovely to celebrate children’s enthusiasm for learning!




Maths- This term your child will be looking at addition and subtraction with a focus on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. We will also be looking at methods of multiplication, initially focussing on the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Year 2 will also be looking at measurement, which will include length, height, weight and volume.

We will also continuing with Mathletics so that they access maths games at home and at school. Letters with more information will be sent home in week 3.


English- Your child will be following our Read Write Inc program, and an enriched English programme, as well as exploring a range of stories and non-fiction books based around our topic. If you have the opportunity to visit our wonderful local library to support your child’s learning then that would be fantastic.



Science- As a scientist your child will be finding out about plants and growing This is done very practically as we believe that to be a true scientist you must be able to investigate. We will be looking at plants this half term.


Geography- Your child will continue to learn about seasonal changes and the weather but will also be given the opportunity to learn about the local area.


Computing- Year 2 will continue to develop their keyboard skills. Coding has been a great success and all children have had the opportunity to create their own programs. The next step is to learn to use the keyboard to write programs.



DT/Art-  Art takes centre stage this term. We will be looking at a number of artists and their works.


Much of our English writing will be art reviews and fact files. Key Stage 1 aim to finish the term with a rather fabulous art exhibition which families will be invited to. Some of the artists you may want to look at: Kerri Ambrosino, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Georgia O’Keefe and Paul Klee.



PSHE- The school value is ‘Respect’. This will be a whole school focus and will play an important part in our class assemblies and class-based group work. We place a great deal of importance on the teaching of our values and any support at home is hugely appreciated.


RE-  In Religious Education we will focus on a key question. What is Judaism and what do they believe?


PE- Your child will be developing their co-ordination and balance in gymnastics and dance, as well as improving their ball skills through games played during outdoor PE.







This is going to be a busy but exciting term and listed below are some of the things you can do to help your child in year 2.


  • Making sure they come to school every day and on time so they don't miss the start of the first lesson.
  • Making sure they eat well, drink plenty of water and get to bed at a reasonable time. 
  • Please keep helping your child with reading at home for ten minutes every day.
  • Help them to learn their weekly spellings and use their best joined up writing.
  • Use the internet games that are linked to this website.  They are great fun and support learning at an appropriate level.
  • Come and see us if you have any worries or concerns or want to know any other ways to help and support their learning.
  • Keep your eye on this website as we will be updating it regularly with photographs and information which you may find useful.

    From the Year 2 staff

​Mrs Dudman, Miss Henderson, Mrs Down, Mrs Brimmell and Mrs Barnes.