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Year 1


Year 1


Value: Trust

Hello again.... and welcome back to what should be another exciting and inspiring term for your child.  Where does the time go?

This term your child will learn more about space and where our tiny planet sits in our extraordinary universe.

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Our solar neighbourhood is an exciting place. The Solar System is full of planets, moons, asteroids, comets minor planets and many other exciting objects. We will learn about Io, the explosive moon that orbits the planet Jupiter and explore the gigantic canyons and deserts on Mars.


More Fun Facts...

Did you know?


1. Our sun is not unique in our universe. It is a common middle-sized yellow star which scientists have named Sol, after the ancient Roman name. This is why our system of planets is called the Solar System. There are trillions of other stars in the universe just like it. Many of these stars have their own systems of planets, moons, asteroids and comets.



2. The Earth's temperature, weather, atmosphere and many other factors are just right to keep us alive. There are currently almost 7 billion people living here on Earth. About 30% of the Earth's surface is covered with land, while about 70% is covered with oceans.



3. Mars excites scientists because its mild temperature is more like the Earth's than any of the other planets. You may sometimes hear mars described as the "Red Planet". This is because the surface of mars is red. If you stood on the surface of Mars you would see red dirt and rocks everywhere.



4. Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our Solar System. The earth could fit inside Jupiter more than 1000 times.



5. Saturn is well known for its rings. However, it is not the only planet to have rings. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings. Saturn is a favourite with observers because its rings are so beautiful. The rings are not solid but instead are made up of particles of ice, dust and rocks.


Alongside all of this fact finding we will be using some fabulous fiction texts, starting with one of our favourite authors Oliver Jeffers. We will also link them to the story Katy and the Starry Night by James Mayhew, as well as introducing some exciting space poetry just in time for National Poetry Day on Friday 29th September. If you are looking to introduce your child to new authors then please take the opportunity to head to our lovely local library,








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For your information....

We are hoping to visit Smart Trees on Tuesday 5th December but it is yet to be confirmed.   More information will follow. Watch this space.....

Other news....

We still continue to link with our sister school in Tanzania and our staff will be heading off to Tanga this October. 'Tanga Time' here we come. The new kitchen is now finished much to the delight of our Tanzanian friends. Thanks to all the support you as parents and the staff at

Great Malvern Primary have shown.



Quick Reminder

Your child will do PE at least twice a week and sometimes more.  Children will need a full PE kit that should remain in school. Please remember to name everything.

1B will have PE on Wednesday and Friday.

1W will have PE on Monday and Friday

Forest School

The children have access to the exciting Forest school area throughout the whole of the year. They are given opportunities to use a variety of equipment to build dens, climb trees, pond dip, dig for minibeasts and use rope and pieces of wood to make their own swings.
*Please can you make sure that your child has warm clothing and wellies, especially through the winter months.*



* We ask that you hear your child read at least 3 times a week and record this in their reading record.

* Your child must have their PE Kit in school at all times.
(This must comprise of green shorts/jogging bottoms, a white T-shirt, pair of socks, a pair of trainers for outdoor PE)

* Your child must have a named water bottle in school every day.


* Please make sure your child brings their Book bag to school every day.

Please feel free to pop in and talk to us about any worries or concerns before or after school.


Many thanks,
The Year 1 Team.
Mrs Winfield, Mrs Dudman, Mrs Jones,
Mrs Barnes and Mrs Philpotts

Please take the time to look through the photographs of the children learning in their school environment.

Your child has recently received a 'Global password' Every child in education in Worcestershire has one so that they can access the 'Worcestershire Learning Gateway'. This gateway allows your child to have free access to many programmes including; Education City, jit, J2E, I Am Learning and 2Simple software. Please take advantage of these great resources with your child as they are great learning resources to be enjoyed at school and home.

For more information please contact Mrs Perry.

Year 1 gallery.
There will be many photo's showing what we have been doing recently in school. Check out the fun learning we have been doing!


Space Day February 12th 2015

Space Day February 12th 2015 1
Space Day February 12th 2015 2
Space Day February 12th 2015 3
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