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'Fresh' - NHS Change4Life Project

During the National Child Measurement Programme this year, Year 6 was visited by the Fresh team for some fun activities based on the Change4Life top tips for healthy living. The Fresh team run family programmes in your community.


·        Fresh is a healthy lifestyle programme based on the national Change4Life campaign.

·        Fresh brings together families with children aged 7-13 years who are above a healthy weight for fun, weekly sessions to learn more, and share experiences, of how to ‘eat well’ and ‘move more’.

·        Fresh is delivered by a team of Healthy Weight Trainers employed by Public Health in NHS Worcestershire.

·        Freshconsists of 14 weekly interactive sessions lasting 2 hours and includes group discussions on healthier eating and goal setting, as well as some fun physical activities.


If you are interested and would like more information on a Fresh Programme in your area please telephone 01905 733813 or email