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Autumn Term 2017


A lot to talk about this past Autumn Term, starting with our first sporting competition which was the girls ESFA U11’s Football Tournament. The tournament consisted of four teams who all battled it out for the silverware. The girls played a total of four matches and in those matches they managed to draw three and lose one. Out of the ten teams that participated, Great Malvern finished a respective fourth position.

Following this was the annual House Cross Country which the whole school took part in. With the help from our new Young Leaders we managed to run a safe and successful event. The children who managed to come First, Second or Third received a certificate for their exceptional hard work in front of the whole school.


The next competition which we entered, was the Level 2 School Games Cross Country at Peachfield Common. Over 30 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in this running event, competing in their chosen race. The children performed fantastically and as a result finished no lower than 20th position, an outstanding achievement. Jack White and Maria Moran will be representing Great Malvern again but in the Level 3 School Games Cross Country which will take place later on this year.


Moving on to Hockey now, a group of Year 4 children participated in the Level 2 School Games Quicksticks Hockey Competition held at The Chase High School. Six children represented Great Malvern against 11 other schools who all competed for the chance to progress to the Level 3 stage of the competition. They played a total of 5 matches, winning 3 of those and losing 2. After our hard work in the group stages, it meant that we would advance to the Third and Fourth place finals. In the final match of the competition the children faced a tough opposition and knew that they had to work hard but in the dying moments of the match we managed to score, a great team effort goal, this gave us Third position overall.


Our final competition of the term was the K.A.B Festival which was held at The Chase High School. A group of children from Years 5 and 6 were selected to represent Great Malvern and participated in three different sports. The children took part in Kurling, Archery and Boccia, sports that some of the children had not played before. It was great to see the children interact with children from different schools within the local area and participate in new sports, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Summer Term 2016


Great Malvern Primary warmly welcomes Summer 2016!


Plenty of sports to talk about this Summer; starting with the celebration of the Olympic games being held in Rio Brazil this year & by replicating the games at Great Malvern Primary! Each year group, student & staff member in the school represented a different country and battled it out against each other in various different sporting events for a chance to win the Olympic Cup! (Day to day details to be found in the "Events" section under Sports).


After a short break, a few of our students were selected for the "Multi-Schools Inclusion Cricket" day hosted by the "Old Victorian's Cricket Club" a well respected and disciplined place to play competitive cricket. (Details to be found in the "Events" section under Sports).


Less than a month later, Great Malvern were invited to represent Worcestershire West in the "Worcestershire Summer School Games" in Archery. A brilliant day out for the children who were chosen to participate & represent the school, with the opportunity to compete against different schools from different counties and bond with one another. (Details to be found in the "Events" section under Sports).


Two events followed later in the term, both of which were to be hosted by Somers Park Primary, first of the two was the Somers Park - Great Malvern Football and Netball competition, always a closely contested battle between two respected school for the chance for the winners to receive a cup in both sports. The football team competed valiantly against a talented Somers team but unfortunately lost 5-1 despite being 1-0 up at the halftime break. A great game nonetheless and the result could have swung either way. Whilst the Football was underway, the Netball was being simultaneously played up on the courts. Great Malvern went on to win the game 12-1. 


What a great year of sporting achievements! Thank you to all the students and the staff that have represented the school brilliantly throughout the year and some silverware to match. In other news we wave goodbye to Sports Coach Mr McIntosh, we wish him all the best in his future & thank him for what he's done this year!


Have a great summer Great Malvern!

Spring Term 2016


A great start to the year 2016!


Following last term's success in winning the ESFA U11's Football Tournament, we qualified for the County Cup Finals! (Pictures in gallery) As a school on the 22nd January 2016 we travelled to Trinity High School in Redditch to battle it out against 4 other schools. They were a mixture of Primary and Middle schools so we knew that it was going to be tough! Unfortunately it just wasn't our day but we battled hard and had a thoroughly enjoyable day with a chance to make new friends and play football with tougher opponents.


Well done Great Malvern Primary, we are all very proud of you.


Throughout the weeks the PE staff have been training a team of very special athletes to represent the school in preparation for the Worcestershire West U11's Sportshall Primary Athletics at Tenbury High School competing against various other different schools in the local area. After selecting 9 boys and 9 girls to work with & many weeks of training and planning we were prepared and excited for the challenge that lied ahead on the 27th January. The events were a combination of indoor athletics events to include running and jumping, Track events included 6 different types of relay including an obstacle relay & Field events that included 5 different types of activities, of which included the Standing Triple Jump, Speed Bounce, Standing Jump, Vertical Jump & Chest Push.


We are pleased to announce that we were very successful on the day and battled very hard & showed willingness to compete in every race, the boys finished overall 1st place & the girls 4th! A massive achievement for the school, congratulations! Also very special mention for one student in particular who broke the record in the Standing Jump, what an achievement!


Following this success the boys will compete at the School Winter Games at Worcester University with the opportunity to win some more silverware for the school in athletics; what a great year of sporting achievements this far. Awesome work Great Malvern!


Spring Term 2016 (Continued)


Following the boys success in the ESFA U11 football tournament, the finals were a tough matchup indeed! Having narrowly missed scoring chances during games and fortune seemingly favouring the opposing sides, we left with our heads held high and showed good sportsmanship at all times - The Great Malvern way.


Also a very well done to two of our students for qualifying for the Cross Country finals 2016 - Photos can be found in the Sports Gallery section of the website.


Following this the seasons Football and Netball league have finally came to a close, we finished 2nd in the Football and 3rd in the Netball. A great season of sporting achievements, we now look forward to what the Summer will bring!

Autumn Term 2015


A new leaf.


The Autumn term this year has already been an exciting one, with plenty of action to kick start the year! Also with the additions of our new sports coaches Mr McIntosh and Mr Giles, all was to be expected in terms of sporting achievements!


Our autumn term began rapidly this year with the girls ESFA U11 football tournament in September, only two weeks back! The tournament consisted of 8 different schools who all battled it out in fight for the cup. Great Malvern were victorious against Malvern Wells, Powick & Eldersfield Blue which led to us topping the group stages of the cup and giving us a shot in the finals. Great Malvern were matched against Castle Morton in the finals, who had also topped their group, so we knew we were in for a tough game! After a long tiresome 15 minutes, the score was at deadlock 0-0, so extra time was given, in which time tired legs got the better of us and we conceded a goal. We went on to lose 1-0 and claim runners up, but a well fought game indeed! Well done girls, we'll get them next time!


Following this was the large schools ESFA U11 football tournament on the 21/9/15. The cup draw was against a well trained, talented Powick side that had previously won the tournament before. We went on to win the game 5-1 which crowned us champions and the official ESFA Large Schools Football champions! The first time we've won this cup for a while, a massive congratulations Great Malvern and a great start to the year so far!

Summer term 2015


The summer term is usually the quietest term for competitions; however this year was not the case for many of our children. Our year 6 rounders team managed to finish 3rd in our cluster improving on last year’s 4th place.


This year we were lucky enough to take two teams to the annual bell boating regatta held in Upton. Even though it was year 4s first time in a bell boat alongside Mr Bothma and Mrs Spence, they still looked the part and gave their all but unfortunately missed out on the top three.  However, the year 5 boat ran by Mr Fair and Mr Dakin managed to power their way to victory! Last years’ experience obviously paid off.


On Wednesday 1st July, our girls represented the district at the Year 6 Girls County Finals held in Worcester. The girls coped superbly with the extreme heat and managed to finish sixth in the county. Well done girls! Our key stage 2 Archery Arrows team spent the day in Bromsgrove at the Sainsbury’s Summer School Games finals and came a magnificent 2nd and therefore brought home the silver!


Miss Henderson organised for 16 children to take part in the Mud Runner held at Eastnor Castle in June. Every child managed to have a great time running around the 5 kilometre course, and  managed to swim in every mud puddle. The children can’t wait to do it again next year.


This term we say goodbye to Mr Fair, Mr Dakin and Miss Morton who are all off to University in September. Mr Fair will be doing his teacher training whilst both Mr Dakin and Miss Morton will be completing their course in PE. We wish them luck in the future! Don’t worry though, we will be replacing them with two new graduates from Worcester University, Mr Giles and Mr McIntosh. We hope you welcome them with open arms.


Have a great summer holiday!

Spring term 2015


This term we were able to finish off the year 5 and 6 Chase cluster leagues for both football and netball. Each child who participated over the 3 afternoons performed excellently and made both the teachers and school proud. The football team were unable to carry on their 2 year winning streak and finished third. The netball team were equally unfortunate and had to settle for second place. They did however go onto win the large school tournament helping to overcome the disappointment of the league.  


A special mention goes out to Simon who went on to represent the West Worcestershire schools in the Winter School Games held at the Wyre Forrest. Simon finished with a huge smile on his face and did himself and all staff here at Great Malvern proud. We hope that he will again be able to show off his incredible talent during our whole school house cross country at the end of term.

We were also fortunate enough to be able to enter a boys’ team into the Winter School Games qualifiers for Indoor Athletics held at Tenbury. We took a team of boys who all showed excellent commitment to the competition by showing up to practice week in, week out. We finished at a respectable fifth out of ten of which we were all very happy about.


Our year 3 and 4s were given a great opportunity by The Chase who invited us to attend both dance and gymnastics festivals. They were superbly taught by Dance in Motion and The Chase’s young leaders. Both year groups who went had a fantastic time and are excited of the prospect of going back next year.


We look forward to very active and warm summer.

Autumn Term 2014


A new year, a new start.


 With last year’s year 6 leaving, it is now the time for our current year 6s to step up to the plate. This term saw the start of the netball and football cluster leagues held by The Chase. Both teams needed a few games under their belt to gel together but then it was back to winning ways. The Chase’s young leaders were also kind enough to run a year 5 football tournament so that those who attended football club were able to get some competitive experience under their belt.


Our year 3 and 4s entered the School Games Quicksticks tournament and worked their socks off. Unfortunately they were unable to go on and win the tournament however they all performed to an exceptionally high standard. On another day, the result could have been a different story.


On a cold Octobers day, we took a team of 22 strong runners to the district cross country held at the Malvern Common. Every child competed excellently and gave every ounce of energy they had. We were lucky enough to get some superb results with the best being Simon who qualified for the county finals in March 2015. Our indoor cricket season also ended with success with the team winning the local tournament qualifying for the county finals in January. We look forward to seeing how the boys get on next term!


We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.     

2013/14 A year into the new


Following the succession of Mr Fair’s amazing year at Great Malvern Primary School, the school went ahead with a new program to employ two new sports assistants. Through a careful process they narrowed it down to Mr Dakin and Mr Mobbs, two applicants that showed the willingness to learn and had amazing enthusiasm towards the children.


Throughout the year using the individual abilities of the sports coaches they managed to get the school teams winning many competitions.


Our achievements this year;


  • Worcester school of the year for cricket 2014

  • Tennis year 5-6

  • Quick sticks hockey large school games – 2nd place in Worcestershire county

  • Year 3 county finals in rugby

  • Year 5-6 netball county final winners

  • Year 5-6 boys large school finalist and football league winners

  • Year 5-6 girls large school finalist – 3rd

  • Year 4-5-6 Rounder’s finalist

  • Year 5-6 Indoor Athletics qualified for the winter league

  • Year 5-6 Tri-golf qualified for the summer school games

  • Year 5-6 Cricket County finalists



World Cup Week


This year at Great Malvern Primary we embraced the event of the year, The World Cup. With this in mind we had a World Cup Week. All the children were split into twelve different countries. This allowed all the children to engage with new people and learn to help each other as well. Over the week there were many events that were based around the World Cup. We also had an opening ceremony and closing ceremony with a Mardi Gra were each country performed. At the end of the week all the points from every event is added up and the winner was Spain which was Mrs Brewster’s class. This was a fantastic week at Great Malvern enjoyed by everyone.

2012/13 What a fantastic year!


What a fantastic year!

Following on from the London 2012 Olympics, We have enjoyed our most successful year in sport to date. At the start of the year we employed a part-time assistant sports coach for the first time to work along side the sports coordinator. Therefore, the school have been able to introduce a variety of new and different sports clubs for after school.

The benefits from this have been clear to see from day one, with almost all the after school sports clubs being fully booked as well as all our sports teams achieving huge success in their respected fields. 

Our achievements:

·         Y5/6 County netball winners

·         Y5/6 Football league winners

·         Our orienteering team qualifying for the Midland Schools Orienteering Championship

·         Y5/6 Girls indoor athletics winning the West Malvern Tournament and qualified for the Winter School Games

·         Y3/4 Quick sticks hockey team also won the West Malvern Tournament and qualified for the Winter School Games

·         Y3/4 Tri Golf West Malvern winners and qualified for the Summer School Games

·         Y5/6 Tag rugby A team coming a fantastic 6th in the Trophy tournament

·         Y5/6 Tag rugby B team runners up in the Shield tournament

·         Y5/6  reached the County Quick Cricket Tournament

·         Y5/6 Rounders Tournament Winners

·         Y3/4 Tri Golf Summer School Games Winners