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Foundation Stage

All Things Wild



The Reception children have all had an absolutely amazing time at All Things Wild nature park in Honeybourne. We loved travelling on the coach and were literally bubbling with excitement when we arrived.


We met a lovely lady called Chloe who let us get up close and personal with lots of different creatures including a python called Monty, some African land snails and a hissing cockroach.



Chloe wore Monty around her neck.                             The cockroach moved very quickly.



Whilst we were there we went on a dinosaur hunt! We found dinosaurs that could fly, ones that could swim, some dinosaurs that liked to eat meat and we also found a baby dinosaur that was in BIG trouble!



When you read a sign like this - you know you are going to have an exciting day!




We can roar louder than a t-rex!


The Apatosaurus was enormous! We could never have fitted it in the coach with us!




If you have never been to All Things Wild - you should go! You will have a great time, just like we did!

The Story of the Three Kings - by Open Book Productions

Still image for this video
We had some lovely visitors in today who performed 'The Story of the Three Kings'


Welcome to Reception at Great Malvern Primary School!


Hello and welcome to the Fabulous Foundation Stage!



At Great Malvern Primary School learning is fun and it all starts in the Foundation Stage classes. At school our motto is 'Learn by doing' and we do a lot!




September 2016


Wow! What a start to the new year we have had. All of our children have come into school eager and ready to learn! Our shoes are shiny and our uniforms look beautiful! Our classrooms are also ready too - just take a look...



This is Mr Kent's classroom



Look at our brand new values tree. We write about the fantastic things that happen at school and add them to the tree everyday.



This is Mrs Lester's Classroom




The children will have the opportunity to work with all the staff in our Reception team.They will be able to play and work in both classrooms and outside during the different sessions of our day.This also gives them the opportunity to get to know the children in the other class.


September 2016

Start times for the new school year:




Wednesday 9th September 2016 –

Reception children start back at school 8:50am – 12:00pm

Reception children will only be in for the mornings for the first week as staff will be home visiting in the afternoons.


Monday 12th September 2016 –

Reception children will be in school for mornings and stay for dinner, 8:50am – 1:00pm

Staff will be home visiting in the afternoons.


Monday 19th September 2016 –

All Reception children will be in school full time, 8:55am – 3:15pm


If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of school please either come in and see us or phone us on 01684 574219.


Please note the photographer from the paper will be coming into school to photograph our new Reception classes on Monday 19th September.


                                          Autumn Term 2016

We are all very excited about starting another new school year. We have trips, adventures, visitors and much more planned for our new children.

This half term we will be helping the children to settle into their new class and their new school. We will be helping the children to make new friends and to develop their social skills. We want the children to enjoy school and for them to have a positive start to school life. We will be working on developing the characteristics of effective learning which are essential skills for the children to make progress. 

                                           Characteristics of Effective Learning are:

Playing and exploring-engagement

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what they know

Being willing to 'have a go'


Active Learning-motivation

Being involved and concentrating

Keeping trying

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do


Creating and thinking critically-thinking

Having their own ideas

Making links

Choosing ways to do things.


Our current  topics are 'Getting to know you' and' Number rhymes.

We will also be beginning our Read,write inc phonic sessions.


Your child has chosen a book for you to share with them at home.You are welcome to change this book in the morning when you bring your child in. Please make sure your child has their book bag in school every day. 


If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to speak to a member our  Foundation stage Team.

                            How to help your child at home


Independence skills


In Reception we expect the children to go to the toilet on their own, manage their own hygiene and to look after their own things. You could help at home by:


  • Let your child have a try on their own first!
  • Try to put your child in clothes which are easy for them to put on and take off.This is particularly important on P.E days(tights are tricky).
  • Naming all clothes helps your child to find the right ones.
  • Reading

    We want to encourage a love of reading . Try and share a book with your child at bedtime or another times of the day. Your child will  be bringing home a book to share.


  • Visit the library
  • Encourage your child to choose books about things that that interest them. This could be a Superman annual or a Barbie comic. Maybe even information books about Dinosaurs or Space!
  • You could read words anywhere e.g. back of a cereal packet, sign posts, birthday cards

  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy


    We want to encourage a love of number.You can help your child by asking them to help solve problems like how many apples do we need?

  • Sings songs like "Five fat sausages sizzling in the went pop and the other went BANG!" How many sausages are left?
  • Counting every day things.For example,how many number of trees on the way to school, or how many buttons on your cardigan.
  • Show me 5 fingers or give me 4 leaves etc.
  • Get your child to help you cook; measuring ingredients and sharing food out.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World


  • Talk to your child  about what they have done during the day.
  • Encourage your child to understand their past and present for example looking at photos of their families or special events.
  • Talk to your child about their local environment,the places and people around them
  •  Physical Development
  • Enjoy going outside
  • Go to the park and have some fun!
  • Explore what your body can do. "How high can you jump?", "How fast can you run?", "How high can you stretch?"
  • Improving smaller movements like pencil grip by using small construction toys or threading beads etc.
  •  Creative Development


  • Get messy - get out the paints, chalks and have some fun!
  • Role play - remember anything can be made into a prop.
  • Imaginative play-cars,trains,dinosaurs etc

                                             Our photo Gallery







Reception Pets

We have 2 bearded dragons called Lizzie and Oliver. 



We have 2 degus called Thor and Loki









Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!


A huge thank you to everyone who supports the Foundation Stage on a daily basis: parents/ carers and the PTFA. The parental support our school receives is simply second to none and it is with your help that we make our school the friendly, caring family that it is.

Thank you

The Foundation Stage Team

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Your child has recently received a 'Global password' Every child in education in Worcestershire has one so that they can access the 'Worcestershire Learning Gateway'. This gateway allows your child to have free access to many programmes including; Education City, jit, J2E, I Am Learning and 2Simple software. Please take advantage of these great resources with your child as they are great learning resources to be enjoyed at school and home.