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Level 2 School Games Indoor Tennis


On Wednesday 22nd March, we entered the Level 2 School Games Tennis for Years 4/5 and 6 at Manor Park. 8 children from Year 4, 5 and 6 were selected to compete in this competition, competing against 10 other schools. The ability level was very tough and we knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy competition for us.


We gave it our all and came in a respectful 3rd position in the Year 3/4 tournament and came 4th in the Year 5/6 one. Our behaviour was fantastic and our sportsmanship was phenomenal. A special thanks to Manor Park for hosting the competition.


Well done Great Malvern

Skipping Festival


On the 15th and 16th March we were very fortunate to have had a skipping coach come into the school to teach the children how to skip correctly. He then showed staff members games to use during playtime and lunchtime. Across both days every child had been taught a different style of skipping and showcased their skills in a skipping extravaganza in front of the whole school. The coach himself was very impressed with the high standard of skipping that we have in our school and was even impressed with certain staff members too.


Since the two skipping days, the majority of children now have their own skipping rope and have brought it to school every day. Playtimes and lunchtimes have been more enjoyable by implementing “Double Dutch” and other long rope games in the playground. Our Young Leaders have been trained how to deliver similar games to children, who wish to take part which has increased participation.


Both days were very enjoyable and the pictures that you can see; show how much of a positive impact it has made on the school.

Level 3 Winter School Games Quicksticks Hockey - Indoor Athletics


On Tuesday 7th March, we entered the Level 3 Winter School Games Finals in both Indoor Athletics and Quicksticks Hockey at The University of Worcester. 16 Children from Years 4,5 and 6, were selected to represent Great Malvern in this tough and heated event, where they competed against 6 schools in both sporting events. The level of ability was extremely high, competing against the best schools in the county. We gave 100% in both Athletics and Hockey resulting in a fair and noble position overall.


Throughout the whole competition our attitude and mindset was superb and our sportsmanship which, as always, was fantastic. A special thanks to The University of Worcester for hosting the competition.


Well done Great Malvern!


Year 5/6 Boys Sportshall Athletics Competition


On Friday 10th February, we were invited to take part in The Worcestershire West Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics at Hanley Castle High School. Nine children, from Years 5/6, were selected to represent Great Malvern in this prestigious event, where they competed against nine other schools in the area. We competed in various track and field events, excelling in both. Due to our triumph, we have managed to reach the Level 3 Winter School Games taking place at The University of Worcester. We are delighted to have reached the finals and hope to be successful in the up coming weeks.


Throughout the whole competition our team work was fantastic and our sportsmanship was amazing! A special thanks to Hanley Castle for hosting the competition.


Well Done Great Malvern! 



Inclusive Sport Festival 2016


On Wednesday 9th November, Great Malvern were invited to the School Games Level 2 Inclusive Sport Festival at Tenbury Ormiston Academy. 11 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 were selected to represent the school and took part in three different sports, which they had not played before. The sports that were played consisted of Boccia, New Age Kurling and Archery Arrows. The children spent roughly 30 minutes on each sport and would then rotate to the next event. Due to the insufficient amount of schools it meant that Great Malvern and Rushwick were the only Primary schools that took part in the Festival. This allowed the children to interact with other children and staff members, which they enjoyed very much!


It was fantastic to see the children interacting with others, our behaviour was excellent as per usual and the children gave 100% effort in each sport!


A huge thank you to Tenbury Ormiston Academy for hosting the Inclusive Sport Festival!

Girls ESFA U11 Football


On Wednesday 19th October, 8 children from Years 5 and 6 were asked to represent Great Malvern Primary School in an all-girls Football competition at Dyson Perrins High School. We played our first three matches and managed to win 2 of them and draw 1, putting us in with a good chance of getting to the semi-finals. We successfully got through to the semi-finals by scoring three goals and conceding none which made our chances of winning the competition high. Unfortunately, we only managed to draw against our opposition and due to our goal difference being three goals less than the team we had played; it meant that we would not go any further in the competition and we would now play for third place. The final match resulted in a draw again, so the outcome left us with third place, which is a fantastic achievement considering there were 12 teams that entered the competition.


To conclude, the day was a success, we went through the whole competition by not conceding a goal and not losing a game! Well done Great Malvern!

A special thanks to Dyson Perrins for hosting the competition.



Malvern Schools Cross Country


On Friday 14th October, Great Malvern entered the Malvern Schools Cross Country competition at Peach Fields Common. We took a total of 28 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 and competed in their chosen race. There were 22 schools in total at the event, the atmosphere was fantastic and it was great to see the children mixing with other schools. Our behaviour on the day was amazing and our sportsmanship was phenomenal, several of our children even shook hands with the runners next to them at the end of the race. We are delighted to say that we were the only school to stay behind and pick up litter which is something for all children to aspire towards. Stephen Morris (Y5) and Amber Mercer (Y5) were chosen on behalf of Great Malvern to thank the organisers due to their good sportsmanship and excellent behaviour.


Well done Great Malvern!



Year 4 Mixed Quicksticks Hockey Tournament


On Friday 7th October, we were invited to take part in the Year 4 mixed Quicksticks Hockey tournament at the Chase High School. Eight children from Year 4 were selected to represent Great Malvern in this prestigious event, where they competed against 12 other schools around the area. We played 6 matches and managed to win every one of them, conceding just one goal! Due to our success we ended up in the final and battled extremely hard until the very last whistle and managed to score and win the match. This now means we will participate against other schools around the region in the new year at the University of Worcester.


Throughout the tournament we worked and played very hard, working as a close unit, which was fantastic to see. It was great to see our parents at the final who encouraged and supported the team throughout!

A special thanks to The Chase High School for hosting the tournament.


Well Done Great Malvern!

House Cross Country


On Friday 30th September, we hosted our annual House Cross Country competition where the entire school took part and competed for their house. The event took place over at Dukes Meadow and with the help of our new Young Leaders we managed to create a perfect replica of a Cross Country track. It was great to see the children work extremely hard and supporting fellow school members with constant cheering and applause. The highlight of the event took place in the final race, where two certain individuals were neck and neck throughout the whole contest which nearly resulted in a photo finish!


ESFA Large Primary Schools Football Tournament


On Tuesday 27th September 2016 a squad of 10 participants from Years 5 and 6 were selected to represent Great Malvern Primary School in a 7-a-side  Football Tournament, that took place at Dyson Perrins High School. Throughout the tournament our team showed great sportsmanship and 100% effort in each match. Considering it was our very first tournament together I feel that we can take a lot of positives from it and rebuild on our weaknesses for the next fixture and come back stronger! 


Well done Great Malvern!!

We Got Gold!!!


After years of hard work, Great Malvern Primary School has finally been awarded The Gold Award for School Games. This is a fantastic accomplishment and it just shows that all the effort and dedication to hitting this goal has been rewarded. The School Games is a scheme that rewards schools for their commitment to the development of School Games and competition across their school and into the community. Schools are assessed against a criteria which enables schools to assess themselves, giving an overall grade.


We are thrilled to have been awarded this prestigious recognition and we aim to continue achieving as much as we can.


Somers Park & Great Malvern - MET - Atheltics afternoon 2016


On Thursday 14/07/2016 Great Malvern were invited to take part in a Outdoor Athletics festival at Somers Park, competing in events such as sprint, sack racing, long distance run and bean bag throw. We selected 30 pupils from Year 4,5 and 6 to represent the school and to showcase our skills. Throughout the day the students took part in there own individual activity and gave 100% effort in, Well done Great Malvern.


Overall, the afternoon was a great success, each child was given a medal for there hard work and effort throughout the event. It was fantastic to see both schools interact with one another once the activities were over. New skills were learnt and improved upon and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A special thanks to Somers Park for hosting such a fun and enjoyable event.



Worcestershire Summer School Games 2016


On Tuesday 05/07/2016 Great Malvern were invited to represent Worcestershire West at the Worcestershire Summer School Games at Bromsgrove School, competing in an Archery Arrows competition. We selected 10 students from both years 5 and 6 to represent the school at this event and showcase our Archery skills.  Throughout the day the students took part in 4 different types of games that tested, accuracy, teamwork and throwing which we gave 100% effort in, well done Great Malvern.


To conclude the day was a success, out of 7 schools which took part Great Malvern finished fourth place and missed third place by only 2 points!! New skills were learnt and improved upon and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A special thanks to Bromsgrove School for hosting such a prestigious event.


Multi-Schools Inclusion Cricket


On Thursday 09/06/2016 Great Malvern were invited by the Old Victorian's Cricket Club in Worcester to attend an inclusion cricket day at their home cricket ground alongside 3 other schools. We selected 12 students ranging from years 3 to 6 to represent the school at this event and showcase our cricketing skills. Throughout the day there were multiple activities that involved, throwing, catching, batting and fielding which we gave 100% effort in, well done Great Malvern!


To conclude the day was a success, friends were made, skills were learnt and improved upon and also was fun for everyone. A special thanks to the Old Victorian's Cricket Club for hosting such a wonderful event.

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Olympics Week 2016


After shortly waving goodbye to the Spring term, we welcome the Summer with none other than an Olympics themed week for the whole school to participate (staff included)! Every child from years 1-6 have been carefully selected for 10 different countries to all battle it out for a shot at winning the Gold, Silver & Bronze medals! There are various different events on each day of the week - pictures to follow.


On Monday 23/05/16 the whole school battled it out on the field for the cross country event! WHAT A SUCCESS! Every race was run extremely well by everybody and some interesting results that followed... Even the reception children had a race, a great day & a special thank you to the staff that helped make the day run smoothly.


Following a successful Cross Country event, on Tuesday 24/05/16 each country competed in a Tug of War competition, an extremely popular event in previous years. Before the start of the event, countries were split up into two different pools, A & B. Each game consists of a minimum of two rounds, best of 3. The winners of pool B (Brazil) went on to play the runners up of pool A (USA), after USA took the first round Brazil came back to win the game 2 games to 1, well played. Whilst this was happening the winners of pool A (Algeria) went on to play the runners up of pool B (Australia), Algeria took both rounds early giving them a guaranteed spot against Brazil in the finals, great achievement! The finals were upon us, both teams won every game in their pools and the stage was set for a grand finale, Algeria vs Brazil! The first round was off - it was backwards and forwards with momentum swinging dangerously in Brazil's favour at times but after a lot of energy expenditure from a resilient Algerian defence, they took the win - 1-0 Algeria. After a tiresome first round both teams had a break and a time for a drink before starting the second round, the substitutions were in and we were ready to go. Another gruelsome round followed, but resulting in Algeria winning the second round giving them the overall win 2-0! Perfect Algeria, well deserved and commiserations to the runners up Brazil, you put up a great fight. 


Following the results of the Tug of War, the competition is completely open and its any ones to win or lose! There was some excellent efforts of the field today and teamwork was key in each and every countries success. Well done everybody and we look forward to tomorrow's events!


Wednesday 25/05/16 - field events day! There was 3 events to compete in today in our Olympics Week 2016 which included the Long jump, Shot put & Bean Bag throw. All countries battled hard throughout the duration of the after noon, great team efforts. The Long jump saw Mexico take the first spot whilst Shot put was Belgium's win & lastly the Bean bag throw went to Spain. Congratulations to the winners, the results have shaped the competition nicely for a grande finale of events. We look forward to what tomorrow has to offer!


Thursday 26/05/16 - the final day of events! today holds, Indoor Athletics, Hockey Slalom & Arrows. lots of fun for everyone! Until this point, the competition has been extremely close with everything to play for and nothing to lose! After each country battling hard throughout the afternoon, the results will have to be revealed tomorrow along with the runner up and 3rd place.


The final day of our Olympic Week competition, Friday 27/05/16. Following an exciting week away from the norm, the ceremony day is finally here. The scores were extremely close being only 6 points between 3rd and 1st place! After everyone experiencing a bit of each of all 10 countries tradition through dances performed by the children of each country. Now for the results... In first place Australia, 2nd place Spain, 3rd Algeria, joint 4th USA & Brazil, 5th Mexico, joint 6th Chile and Belgium, 7th Croatia and 8th France. Each and every country battled extremely hard and showed exactly what we can do when we stick together as a team and work towards achieving a goal, if not winning the competition we believe that everybody gained something from participating and following all the Olympic values. Thank you Great Malvern Primary School! 

Multi Skills & Gymnastics Open Events 2016


Towards the closing half of the Spring Season, The Chase High School hosted two separate events for primary schools to attend in the local area. One of which was a Multi Skills event for years 1 & 2 & also a Gymnastics event for year 3. The events were predominantly led by the young leaders of the school in years 7 and 8, very impressive! Both the events ran incredibly smoothly, everyone was involved, listening and enjoyed themselves tremendously.


Thank you The Chase for hosting such brilliant events.

Cross Country 2015


This Autumn was the Year 5 & 6 Cross Country run. The event consisted of various different schools from around the Malvern area competing against each other. Each school had a maximum of 4 runners per race. The races that we competed in were as followed: Y5 fun race - Y6 fun race - Y5 Intermediate race - Y5 Advanced and finally Y6 Advanced.


In each race at least one of our Great Malvern pupils finished in the top 4 position, this is a great achievement Great Malvern and we are all very proud of you!


Also a very warm thank you to all the teachers and PE staff who were involved in ensuring that the event was a success.


World Cup Week 2014


First we had the opening ceremony; all the countries came out onto the field with musical instruments, making as much noise as they can! Furthermore the country’s flag bearer waving their country flag. Next we had cross country where we had to run and pace ourselves around the field, also each country had a designated area to sit and support their country. Afterward we had a penalty shoot-out; we each had 3 penalties to take against the opposing side. Then we had an agility test where there were 4 balls and a basket and we had to put the balls in the basket as fast as possible. The following day we had key stage 2 track events where each child would participate in: a sprint, egg and spoon and object pick up race. All of the children from each country got to select a football activity to participate in there were a choice of: speed shooter, distance kick and football golf. This week has been enthusiastic and exhausting but overall remarkable.


                                                                                                          Marcus, Year 6 

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