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Foundation Stage

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Welcome to Reception at Great Malvern Primary School!

Hello and welcome to the Fabulous Foundation Stage!

At Great Malvern Primary School learning is fun and it all starts in the Foundation Stage classes. At school our motto is 'Learn by doing' and we do a lot!

Spring Term 2014

Wow! What a start to the new term we have had! Since returning to school after the Christmas break, we have been conducting all sorts of experiments and investigations.

We have been; freezing, melting, pouring, heating, cooling, mixing, sifting and squeezing.

In the last few weeks we have made our own multi-coloured ice cubes and used them to paint pictures.

When we had finished our hands were the same colour as our paintings!

We have made our own 'rainbow' wax crayons by collecting old crayons that people didn't want anymore and melting them in the oven. Our school Eco Club would be proud of us!

We think our new 'rainbow' crayons are so great we are thinking about making some
of them to sell at the Enterprise Market (14.02.2014)

We have even made Gloop - the runniest, stickiest, messiest material we have ever played with . If you want to learn how to make it - just come and ask someone from the Reception classes.

Sticky, sticky!

Now it is time for Chinese New Year and we are really looking forward to performing our special dragon dance and song to the rest of the school in assembly.

These are some of the Chinese lanterns we have made.

We have been learning how to write some Chinese letters and numbers. Are there any you can recoignise?

Writing the Chinese numbers 4 and 5
Writing the Chinese numbers 4 and 5.

At home, our parents have also been helping us to make our own Chinese dragon puppets which we are displaying in the school hall. If you see our creations and you like them - come and tell us - we love it when people like what we do!

The dragon is a sacred Chinese animal.

Autumn Term 2013

We are all very excited about starting another new school year.We have trips, adventures, visitors and much more planned for our new children.

The classrooms are all ready for our new children to come and explore. We can't wait to see them in their new uniforms.

The Building Corner.

Mr Kent's reading corner

Mr Kent's classroom

Mrs Lester's reading corner

Mrs Lester's number area


Bearded Dragon News......

During the Summer holidays Lizzie laid another 14 eggs. We do not think that the eggs are going to hatch into baby bearded dragons but we will keep our eye on them and let you know what happens...

We have 2 bearded dragons called Lizzie and Oliver. They used to be quite small but we are looking after them well and they are starting to get quite fat! Maybe we should get them an exercise wheel!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

A huge thank you to everyone who supports the Foundation Stage on a daily basis: parents/ carers and the PTFA. The parental support our school receives is simply second to none and it is with your help that we make our school the friendly, caring family that it is.

Thank you

The Foundation Stage Team

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